Kari's Goodbye Blog: "My Rawr Organics Personal Experience"

Written by Kari, our 1st full-time employee whom recently moved home to Crookston to marry! 


My Rawr Organics personal experience…………..

Hello my dear Rawr Bar fans!


My name is Kari and I have gotten the privilege to be the first employee here at Rawr. 

I have worked in all areas when it comes to different career paths.  Each job that I have been blessed with in my life, I actually chose myself.  I truly wanted to be able to learn anything in any kind of atmosphere but wanted it to be an experience that I was passionate about.  My greatest advice to myself was to not just chose a job just because it was available or because someone thought I should based upon their opinion on what my future should look like.  I wanted to have experiences that would add value to my beliefs and make me more valuable in the working world in general.   


With each job I have taken on, I have been able to bring a little bit more to the table because of the knowledge I was able to attain though these different paths I chose.  Everything has been a building block that has brought me so much joy and so much appreciation for all the support I have had with each boss and leader I have been able to work with.  I started to realize how important it was to focus on who owned the company and the story behind how they came to build it from the ground up.  Seeing the passion in their  hearts and how they wanted the company to grow and stay true to their values really started to become a big part of my job focus.  When you really get a chance to be apart of their creation it opens up an entirely new feeling on why you are there.  Its no longer seen as just a job, but to me is seen as a great potential to learn in ways you never imagined and actual feel like you belong to something even greater.


I first learned about Rawr Organics when I became a participant at Secoya health here in Woodbury Mn.  I had been struggling with a lot of food allergies and was hesitant at first to try their bars because of my previous experiences with most protein bars on the market, which all made me feel very sick.  So the more I went in there, the more I kept wanting to try these bars.  The ingredient list looked so clean that I decided why not give them a try.  Lets just say the first bite I took was so good that I became instantly addicted!  I tried every flavor and never felt sick or had any adverse reaction to any of the bars. 


I then went on to check out their website and became even more intrigued with Rawr.  How they came about their creation of the bar and the mission behind it.  I was even more attracted to what they had to offer after really getting to know their company’s mission. I decided to step outside of my comfort zone once again and email them asking them about job inquiries in the future.  I knew in my heart immediately that this is where I wanted my next career path to be. 

I still can’t believe that I got the privilege to become their first employee!  When I was chosen for the position, my heart lit up and for once I knew that my purpose in life had come true.  I had found a place that stood true to my values and that would add even more value to my life. 


Working for Rawr has been an experience I will never forget.  Everyday has been filled with passion, love, understanding, family values, leadership, and most of all the honest values of God.  Each step we take here is all based upon His will, love and humbling knowledge.   I feel so safe here and I am free to be myself!  In fact it is a very important part of the job…..to be yourself! 


The atmosphere is nothing like I have ever experienced before in my life.  We laugh and have so much fun in every part of the day.  The amount of trust they had put into me as an employee has been so humbling for me. You are never micro-managed!  You are only encouraged and blessed with true compassion in every job you do here.  I am free to help them brainstorm on how to be more efficient with every day and to make things transition even easier as we grow. 


Being a part of their future decisions for the company has been so great and fulfilling to me.  You are actually a part of the team here and they value you as an employee.  Your voice and ideas are always welcome and considered.  Rachel and Jake are amazing to work for!  They are what a true leader should be.  You are not just a number, you are part of the Rawr family!  They believe in the importance of life balance and family. 


They are here everyday to work along side you and be apart of your everyday here at Rawr.  They built this company from the ground up and so they can help you in every role when needed.  They are hands on and will always be by your side to help you grow in the company. 


In the future many roles will become available and let me just say….. if you are chosen to work here you will have an amazing adventure ahead of you. 


What I love the most is their mission and that the atmosphere is filled with God’s presence every single day.  This experience has been forever changing for me.  It will continue to create in me an even deeper humble heart for the entire world and what we can accomplish when we truly work together in the Lord.  I can’t wait to see what the future holds for Rawr Organics!