Rawr Bar

is a Premium PLANT BASED, PROTEIN PACKED bar made with HIGH QUALITY, ORGANIC ingredients designed to FUEL your #BOLDPURSUIT in life.

(without all the excess sugar).

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So fresh, find us in the fridge!

A pure, stable energy source

Rawr Bar® Attributes

Little ones love Rawr!

Rawr Bars are made of real food, recognizable ingredients. Our bars use Organic ingredients and are always Non-GMO free, dairy free, soy free and devoid of artificial sweeteners, fillers and binders. Rawr Bars are a family favorite.

Babies and toddlers are some of our biggest, little fans.

We RAWR over injustice

When you're hungry, they are too, which is why 10% of ALL net proceeds go to feed starving children in Africa & beyond.

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