our Story

Back in 2014 it was nearly impossible to find a high quality protein bar in the market. Many bars being advertised as "Clean" had a lot of hidden, low quality ingredients such as GMO soy, sucralose, isomaltooligosaccharides (IMO), and low quality whey protein. There was a brand in particular we were very loyal to. Rachel, one of the co-founders, was sponsored by them, however, it began to have adverse effects on our overall health. Thus, we resorted to our kitchen.

We created a protein bar to fulfill our needs, with no intent on bringing it to market. The focus was to make it gluten free, dairy free and soy free using high quality, plant based protein. There was nothing like it on the market. Rachel, being a fitness competitor, wanted to add another twist to the bar; keep it plant based and tasting good while keeping the carbs LOW and PROTEIN high.

In 2017, we re-evaluated our lives. We were both successful professionals in the finance industry, but ultimately we felt unfulfilled. We quit our careers and spent 3 months volunteering in rural Mozambique, Africa working with the poorest we've ever encountered. We came home with fresh vision and decided to go all in on the protein bar. Rawr Bar launched June 2018.

Our long-term vision is to eventually design a meal replacement bar as well. It would have the nutrients lacking in an African child's diet and for each protein bar purchased in America, a meal replacement bar would be sent to feed a starving child in Africa as well as other impoverished nations. We know this will be a large undertaking.

We are passionate about health. True health encompasses the body, mind, Spirit and our realm of influence. Our #BoldPursuit is to make a positive impact both locally AND abroad through Rawr Organics.