Frequently Asked Questions


Why are Rawr bars different than other vegan protein bars?

  1. Higher protein

  2. Lower in carbs

  3. No fortified or processed soluble fibers

  4. No brown rice syrup, agave or honey

1. Higher protein:

The Rawr Bar is one of the 1st vegan protein bars on the market to have 20g of protein. Your average vegan protein bar has anywhere from 8g-15g protein.

2. Lower in carbs:

Generally speaking Vegan protein bars are higher in carbs because it can be hard to cover the taste and texture of plant proteins. Most vegan bars range from 23g carbs up to 50g carbs a bar! It's very hard to find a vegan protein bar lower than 20g carbs. 

3. No fortified or processed soluble fiber sources. 

Many protein bars use ingredients these days such as corn fiber, isomaltooligosaccharides (IMO), tapioca fiber or chicory root fiber. These forms of fiber are processed at high heat and are not recognized by the intestines as true fiber. They are also used as a secondary form of sweetener for protein bars. 

To the body, these fiber sources are seen as a foreign object, they are not digested, but rather pass through the body. They can cause bloating, gas and constipation; which are the side effects we had experienced. Many companies use these types of fiber sources to be able to state on their labels that they have extremely low carbs or to speak to how high their fiber content is. Take for example a bar has 17g carbs with 15g of corn fiber. the total Fiber can be subtracted from total carbs to give you net carbs of 2g. The net carbs are the amount of carbs your body actually digests as a sugar.

Finding a good protein bar without these fiber sources was very difficult for us, unless the carbs were sky high. This was one of our largest pain points that led us to begin creating bars in our own kitchen.

4. We don't use brown rice syrup, agave or honey: 

We use raw coconut nectar which comes from the blossoms of coconut. It is not processed under heat and has a lightly sweet, but slight mineral taste. It is high in trace minerals.

Brown rice syrup is received by the body the same way corn syrup is. Don't let the words "brown rice" fool you into thinking it is healthy. Agave nectar has been getting a bad rep recently because it has the highest fructose content of any commercial sweetener on the market. Honey in it’s raw form is seen as lower glycemic and nutrient dense, but the honey used in protein bars is not commonly raw, which means it is processed under high heat and may spike your blood sugar levels.

*Also, We do NOT use any Gluten, Dairy, Eggs, Soy, Food Coloring/Additives, Preservatives, Sucralose, Stevia or sugar alcohols. 


Are Rawr Bars a meal replacement?

The Rawr Bar can certainly pass as a meal replacement or a filling snack on the run. Many customers eat their bar as a breakfast on the go! The high protein and the healthy fats in the bar will hold you over and stabilize you. 


Are they vegetarian/vegan?

Yes and yes. 


Why Vegan? 

We chose to make a vegan bar due to the primary factor that protein bars using whey protein were upsetting our stomachs. We decided to go dairy free, egg free, GF and so on, in hopes to avoid any food allergy or irritant one might have. We know the difficulty of finding a yummy bar that can work with a sensitive body. 


Are your products organic? 

All our ingredients are organic except almond butter. We’re on the lookout for an organic almond butter that doesn’t make us significantly raise the price of the bars for our customers.


Are you Certified GF, Vegan, Organic, non-gmo, Soy Free etc?

We are a new brand to the local market as of May 2018. We are in process of growing our sales and name a bit before we undergo this extensive process. Our desire would be the get these certifications in the year 2020. All our ingredients are sourced from companies that already are certified GF, Vegan, Soy Free as well as Organic. (almond butter is the only non-Organic ingredient we use). 


Are your bars keto or paleo friendly?

Our bars are naturally lower in carbs. They are 15-16g carbs with 3-4 grams of fiber (coming from organic ground flax seed) for a total of 12- 13g net carbs. They fit within Keto diet carb requirements. The Almond Butter based bars and sunflower seed bars are Paleo approved, Peanut Butter is not due to it containing peanut butter (a legume).


Where are your products made? 

Our bars are made in a certified kitchen in Elk River, Minnesota. 


Are your products soy-free, egg-free, dairy-free, gluten-free, Non-GMO? 

Yes to all of the above.


Your product includes Coconut. Is it safe for people with tree nut allergies?

The American College of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology (ACAAI) states: “Coconut is not a botanical nut; it is classified as a fruit, even though the Food and Drug Administration recognizes coconut as a tree nut. While allergic reactions to coconut have been documented, most people who are allergic to tree nuts can safely eat coconut. If you are allergic to tree nuts, talk to your allergist before adding coconut to your diet."


Do you have any nut free protein bars?

We launched the Dark Chocolate + Raspberry bar February 2019. This bar is made from Sunflower Seed Butter and has no nuts in it; however it is PROCESSED on the same equipment of our other bars that DO contain nuts.


What is the shelf life of your product? 

Per our food scientist, Rawr Bars last 1 month out of the fridge, 6 months in the fridge and 12 months in the freezer. We recommend to store them in the fridge when home, but they are fine out and about!


Will your bars freeze or melt? 

If placed in the freezer, Rawr Bars will become firmer, but not freeze. There is a chocolate coating on top of most our bars, so in heat, the bar does get melty. We’ve traveled overseas with them in 100 degree heat. If the bars melt just toss them back in the fridge to re-firm up and they will be fine.

*For best freshness store your Rawr bars in the fridge!


Why do you recommend to store in the fridge?

Rawr Bars use only the freshest ingredients. We use real nut and seed butters that preserve best cold and we do not use fillers or binders. Many of our bars have a thin dark chocolate coating that can be more susceptible to melting in heat.


What is the pH of your bars?

The pH is 6.39. Neutral is 7, so we would be considered a very neutral bar. A PH of 0 is the lowest pH on the spectrum (most acidic) and 14 is the highest pH (most alkaline).


Why the name Rawr Bar? 

The Quirky Truth

Good question. Rachel, one of the founders, has been “rawring” for years! A decade ago she got a dog, “Teacup”, and in being playful would “rawr” at her. This “rawr” caught on with family and friends and became a word that randomly got excerpted into sentences. It is still used to this day!

Rawr made the cut

In deciding on a name for the company, “Rawr” was on the list. We had family and friends vote and it just stuck! We find it very fitting because both owners have had a large love for Africa since childhood and “Rawr” + lions reminds us of our long term vision of feeding hungry children in Africa and beyond.

We desire to see world hunger come to an END in our lifetime.